Our Mission 

Each year, thousands of Orange County families put their hopes of a Merry Christmas on “Dear Santa” letters. This year, the need will be even greater. Thousands of Dear Santa letters arrive at the post office and most will NEVER be answered…

But now there’s an answer with Helping Santa. Our volunteers select letters from the most deserving families to receive gifts for Christmas. 

How Does it Work? 


Our volunteers spend a significant amount of time coordinating and managing all communication aspects of reaching out to low income schools. Through this process, we are able to obtain more letters from children in need.

Letter Selection

We have partnered with USPS and Operation Santa to help bring Christmas to every child in LA and Orange County. Our volunteers help choose letters from families who are most in need to help bring a little more Christmas joy.

Contacting the Families

We contact each family to determine Christmas needs and wants. This allows Helping Santa volunteers to learn more about these families than would from simply reading letters.

Shopping Time

We assign each Helping Santa volunteer a family to shop for. The volunteer personally chooses what to get their assigned family at their discretion. We also accept direct donations for our families.

That's a Wrap

We are always accepting volunteers to help shop and wrap presents at Helping Santa. Santa's workshop gives our volunteers and donators an even greater opportunity to see what Helping Santa does for the community.

Delivering Gifts from Santa

Helping Santa volunteers and the board of directors personally deliver the gifts to the recipient families. Being able to directly deliver gifts is such a special time for everyone involved in Helping Santa. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to bring joy to children's faces during the holidays.


If you wish to sponsor any pending letters, please visit the view pending letters button and write down which letter(s) you want to fulfill. Then you can drop off your present at:

Helping Santa
1407 N. Batavia St.

Suite 204
Orange, CA 92868

Or visit the donate button, enter the dollar amount you wish, then in the next screen enter letter number(s) you wish to sponsor.


We are Proud of What We Do 

In 2022, we spent 100% of our entire budget directly in purchasing presents, wrapping paper, and postage for children and families in need. We take great pride in your commitment through volunteering, donating, and sponsorship. 100% of proceeds this year will once again go to bringing joy to children and families in LA and Orange County.


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Children are the world's most valuable resource and it's best hope for the future. -JFK